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This program builds on three pillars: The “mind”, the “body” and the “soul”. At first, you will learn about how your mind works and all about your limiting beliefs and habits you came up with in the past. We will then reprogram your mind to embrace new routines, thoughts, and actions. Basically, I will help you upgrade your own system to what you want it to be today. Then we will work together on the topics of sleep, nutrition, fitness, and hormones. And finally, you will discover how to integrate what you learned and how to manifest your Next Level Me by looking into self-love, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

It's entirely up to you. You have lifetime access. But yes, there is a BUT: I would recommend that you stick to the order of the modules and work through them as promptly as possible to get the best possible effect. Your brain learns through repetition. So, the sooner you figure out where your weight problem is coming from, and the more often you memorize the new version of yourself you're claiming, the easier and faster you'll get the results you want.

You do not have to prepare anything apart from being mentally ready and committed to your change –working together to solve your weight problem forever and feel great in your own skin.

That depends entirely on you. Some people have immediate changes. They feel and experience change during and directly after the program. For others, linear, smaller changes or larger ones show up after a certain point in time. It really depends on how deep the source of your problem is and how easily you allow yourself to let go of that issue and make changes.

You don't have to know where your problem lies. Honestly, even if you claim to know your problem, I must disappoint you: If you knew consciously, you would have changed long ago.

You don't have to know or think you know where your problem lies. Honestly, even if you would claim to know your problem, I have to disappoint you: If you knew consciously, you would have changed long ago.

Hypnosis is the state of deep trance. It enables us to use the power of our subconscious mind to change deep-seated blockages and negative beliefs permanently and effectively. During hypnosis, you are in a comfortable state of relaxation (alpha or delta brain waves most likely), where your subconscious mind is on alert, while your conscious mind is guided into deep relaxation. The science behind this is quantum physics.

First, you get comprehensive knowledge of all the main areas related to your feel-good-weight - it's not just about food and exercise. In terms of "upgrade your mind", we use a combination of cognitive behavioral techniques, NLP practices, hypnosis, psychotherapy, and the like, which is a very modern approach.

Most likely around 90 minutes. Upfront we will have a 30min intake call where you can tell me a little bit more about your weight issue.

Absolutely. Look at small children when they roll up their eyes just before falling asleep. That is exactly the state you're getting into. You actually go into a hypnotic state every night.

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