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Next Level Me (NLM)
A transformative, liberating program for highflyers like you - ready to finally get to your feel-good-weight that brings
joy and happiness to your everyday life.

Next Level me (NLM) program
A transformative, liberating program for highflyers like you - ready to finally get to your feel-good weight that brings joy and happiness to your everyday life.

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Month one

Your mindset determines the success or failure of your body shape, your self-image, your feelings about yourself - it is not a particular diet or exercise plan. In this module, I explain the funamentals of your mind based on quantum physics, epigenetics, psychology, NLP and cognitive behaviour.

Topics to cover: What is the mind’s job | How is the mind wired | How does the mind work | What are common beliefs

Now that you understand how your mind is wired and how it functions, you are ready to perform a "system upgrade" to let go of the extra weight and to fall in love with yourself again. You will let go of old beliefs and unwanted habits, while we will install new ones that best suit you today. It's time to crack your mind and tell it what you really want - I'll help you do it in no time.


Topics to cover: Investigate where your weight issue really comes from | Interpret and interrupt past experiences, thoughts and beliefs | Install new optimized thinking and behaviour patterns, leading to desired your outcome

By having an upgrade mind ,
you are now ready to upgrade your body

Month two

Did you really think you could just lose weight like that? Ciao extra weight? Nope, that's not how it works. You actually need to sleep so that your body can work on losing the excess weight. It is very important to get a good night's sleep to fully recover and restore your cells, while getting rid of the fat cells you don't want anymore. I will show you in this module how to achieve better quality sleep, so that you will be able to experience this feeling of being refreshed and energized in the morning, setting the stage to transform your body. ‍


Topics to cover: Understand how the circadian rhythm works | Insights on chronotypes and how they determine your way of living | Get to know sleep hacks

The word diet means "way of life". Strange, isn't it? In the Western world, you associate a diet with restricting certain foods. And then you're surrounded by all this information about what's best to eat: In the 1950s we were told to eat meat to get stronger, and now it's about going vegan. Are you confused what to eat? I was! Well,  I will help you to optimize your metabolism to get rid of the excess weight and experience best vitality, based on evolutionary biology, nutrition science and dietetics. This is your end of dieting – Welcome your new freedom of eating.


Topics to cover: What are food myths | What is “hunger” | When to eat | How does the metabolism actually work – the fat shredder | What are most common diets | How does the diet industry trickyou | Food and mood relationship

You are not getting the results you want with your usual fitness program. In fact, you don't have time to work out for hours. You lack motivation and are only a gym member to ease your conscience. If this applies to you, you are far from alone. I'm going to share a series of fitness hacks with you in this module on how to achieve your fitness goal - to achieve and maintain an extraordinary transformation of your body. Are you ready for more strength and a toned body? And there is more: I will teach you to what extend fitness actually plays a role in achieving your feel-good-weight.


Topics to cover: What are fitness myths |Fitness types e.g. cardio vs. strength | Fitness trends – Wim Hof breathing, cryotherapy, EMS, and more

Female empowerment, diversity and inclusion - you've all heard of it. But have you applied it to health yet? It's shocking, but the entire diet and fitness industry is based on the male internal clock and the natural rhythm called the circadian cycle. But what about us women? At best, our bodies maintain a 28-day cycle, with varying energy levels, a multi-day period, and varying libido throughout the month - basically a hormonal roller coaster. Which study has considered that? And then you are wondering about missing results? I will teach you all about the infradian vs. circadian cycle, about hormones and their effects on your body and behaviour and vice versa. I will provide you inights on what and when to eat certain foods, how to work out according to your monthly cycle, how to adjust your sleep and rest time and how to balance out your mood best.


Topics to cover:  Infradian vs. circadian cycle | Hormones | Sleep, nutrition and fitness along the cycle and how to sync best | 

Now you have upgraded your mind and body
– what is missing is your soul.

Month three

Because you've gone through a huge change so far - you've lost the first kilos, you've received information on how to better manage your sleep, diet and fitness by now. But if you think about it, is weight really your main problem? Yes, right - what you're really striving for is the feeling of self-love, the feeling of loving your own body, feeling comfortable in your own skin. Having a high level of self-esteem and confidence, while leaving all those limitations and negative thoughts behind - The thoughts around hating your look and feeling about yourself and others for judging you. Lets get that fixed.


Topics to cover: Self-love | Self-esteem | Confidence | Poor self-image and self-worth | Overcoming the fear of not succeeding, being self-critical | Insecurities | Procrastination

Yes, you have read correctly. I have created a workbook for you. Why - Because studies have shown that when you actually write something down, especially when you are initiating awareness and thus change, your written words are much more effective. With this workbook, you will be able to manifest and recall new insights and realizations. You'll get a few exercises to go along with each chapter to help you deepen and better process the knowledge you're imparting. This is so cool - a practical tool just for you for rapid results.

Just grab a cup of coffee (or whatever you feel like) and connect every other week with like-minded people - peopel who are on a similar transformation journey at the moment. Either send me a topic that interests you, or I'll tell you about interesting topics I've come across. Its all about connecting and sharing experiences or unsolved questions. It's all about you. Having a great time together while, getting closer towards your Next Level.

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