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Jana Reuther offers life coaching as a certified hypnotherapist in Rapid Transformational Therapy™ by Marisa Peer. This involves the use of hypnosis which, when followed, is a completely safe, natural and relaxing process where the client remains in complete control for the duration of the session.

What happens during the session?

In hypnosis, the client is taken back to his/her childhood memories or past memories to understand the origin of conflicts and blockages that present themselves as a problem today and have a lasting impact on life. The client and the hypnosis facilitator will work out together in hypnosis where the origin of the beliefs, views, convictions, and the resulting conditioning lies – with the aim of changing them. The hypnosis facilitator will record a portion of the hypnosis session, which will be provided to the client as personalized audio hypnosis. The client gives the hypnosis facilitator full permission to make audio recordings that may include his/her voice. He/she understands that the hypnosis facilitator retains full copyright over all types of media that are created. The client gives the hypnosis facilitator full permission to hypnotize him/her knowing that by fully participating in the process and listening to the in-person audio hypnosis for at least 21 days, he/she will play an important role in the overall success. It may be helpful in case of an in-person, on-site session for the hypnosis facilitator to occasionally touch the client on the shoulders, hands or forehead, rock the head slightly, as well as raise the arms. A single session can last approximately 90 to 120 minutes. The client should therefore bring enough time and, if necessary, visit the toilet again before the session, drink and eat sufficiently.  

What happens after the session?

After the session, the hypnotherapist will provide a personalized audio hypnosis, the transformation recording, which the client should listen to regularly once or twice a day for at least 21 days. The purpose of this audio hypnosis is to reprogram the client’s subconscious mind and habits for permanent change. The hypnosis facilitator will provide the personal audio hypnosis after the recording via WhatsApp, email or WeTransfer (with download link) depending on the client’s request. One to two weeks after the session, a 30-minute follow-up meeting will take place via Zoom or telephone to discuss progress if wanted by the client, and after the 21 days, a brief check-in will take place to jointly consider what further steps seem appropriate.


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Position of the hypnosis facilitator – no healing or medical treatment

The hypnosis facilitator explicitly points out that she is neither a doctor nor a psychotherapist or non-medical practitioner and that she accordingly does not make any diagnoses, give medical advice, or promise healing or relief. Her service does not include healing or curative treatment and does not replace a medical and/or psychotherapeutic diagnosis and/or therapy by a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist. Ongoing treatments with physicians, alternative practitioners or psychotherapists should not be interrupted or interrupted by the use of hypnosis accompaniment, and future necessary measures should not be postponed or completely omitted. The client does not adjust any prescribed medication without the consent of the attending physician after the hypnosis session has been completed. It is the client’s own responsibility to consult a doctor or psychiatrist for a medical

diagnosis or treatment.


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Cancellation policy

Hypno sessions cancelled by the client less than 48 hours prior to the start of the hypnosis session or no-shows will be charged in full, i.e. there will be no free make-up session. Client acknowledges and agrees that payment for hypnosis is non-refundable and that the hypnosis facilitator may cancel the session without warning if she determines that the session was booked for a purpose other than hypnosis counseling.


Any testimonials provided on this website are opinions of those providing them. The information provided in the testimonials is not to be relied upon to predict results in your specific situation. The results you experience will be dependent on many factors including but not limited to your level of personal responsibility, commitment, and abilities, in addition to those factors that you and/or company may not be able to anticipate.

Should you have questions regarding the Terms & Conditions, please contact drjanareuther@gmail.com.

This document was last updated on July, 2022.


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