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So who am I and how can I actually help you ?

About meJana

BUT that is the old me – I am now a different version: Jana 2.0 !

Don’t you think your operating system
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Let me tell you about my wake-up moment

You won't believe it!

What about this saying of your grandma: Child eat all the food on your plate? Do you still follow it even when you are not hungry anymore coz its deeply imprinted in you? Or do you use food as reward system sometimes – having a piece of chocolate to be happy, because you got chocolate as a child when you behaved – but logically you know that this chocolate will be stored as fat soon, making you even more unhappy. However, you cannot resist your emotions and habits - your inner demon always wins? So how come? What's the science behind that? And even mroe important, how can you get beyond this limitaion anyways - freeing yourself to have the body you want to have and feel good about it at all times?

So what does that tell and how does my work help you ?

Everything you’ve tried so far has been a great effort. I congratulate you for fighting for your feel-good weight with such dedication. However, you know better that you have not yet reached the goal. That’s because you’ve only tried to get rid of the symptoms of your extra kilos – but you haven’t yet gone to the source – the source of where your weight problem – your issue about not feeling well in your own body – actually comes from. On average we perceive 5% with our consciousess, which is all about logic, reasoning, will power and creativity. 95% is however perceived with our subconsciousness, covering attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and habits. So you have tried to use 5% of your conscious power to combat 95% of your subconscious autopilot. Obvisoulsy that does not work and the way to go is to get behind your analytical mind, tapping into your subconsciousness, your autopilot to transform it into a version which actually helps you today. 

What do you mean...?

Everytime something happens,  you give that event a certain meaning through the lens of your own perseption. The associated meaning becomes a story about the event and leads to a particular mental label. The images you create in your mind, the words you say to yourself, and finally the thoughts that arise from your built-up story, trigger corresponding feelings that are emotionally charged. Depending on how you have labeled your thoughts, e.g. positive or negative, your emotions will be directed towards them. Certain beliefs and behaviors emerge that make up your autopilot; your automated system you operate on every day. So, you cannot delete that autopilot, the meaning which has been imprinted in your brain, but what you can do is to overwrite or reprogram old patterns and beliefs by running an upgrade that suits you today. Let’s change that. Don’t you think your operating system is ready for an upgrade now? You have probably run several updates on your iPhone this year already but when was the last time you gave yourself one?!

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