Your most dominant reason why you do not embrace your feel-good-weight yet

Overcome your weaker self

You are aware of what you need to do and what is necessary for your feel-good-weight, but then your discipline is not enough, something inside of you takes control – something won’t let you persevere. In the end, the cravings are just too strong, the procrastination keeps you from exercising. You experience stress that drains your energy and keeps you from sleeping, which in turn makes the ravenous hunger and procrastination even worse. You feel like you are out of control, going in limbo.


Maybe you are familiar with…

  • Being dictated by cravings day in and out – you creep back and forth in front of the candy cabinet which is empty because you did not buy new supply (on purpose!)
  • Inside yourself, there is this irrepressible urge to absolutely must eat certain foods, e.g., chocolate, sweets, salty foods after a meal and it will NOT go away until you give in and then you must eat it all – you cannot stop with just one piece. Your body is conditioning you.
  • You set yourself the goal of going to the gym but than your alarm goes off in the morning, and you switch on snooze, running out of time, having an excuse no to work out.
  • You set up a sleeping routine, but it does not really work out all the time. You are missing the good quality sleep.
  • You work in an environment where there is a lot going on all the time. You are able to cope, but as soon as you realize that you are losing control, that something goes against your plan, you start to feel stressed from within – anxiety might even kick in.
  • You are very critical of yourself. A guilty conscience and feelings of guilt occur frequently with you, especially because you often find yourself stuck in the past.


And then what happens….

You have a guilty conscience. You feel powerless, like a loser. You feel like a failure. You feel like a victim…

You even gained weight thanks to the cravings, the little or bad sleep, the missed workout…

Although you firmly resolve to change something, you become weak again and again, going in limbo.

Imagine now that this goes on for the next months and years. Think about how much energy and valuable time will be lost!

You don’t deserve this!


It is not your fault!

No one has ever taught you how to do it properly. You simply adopted a copying mechanism which used to be working for you at some point.

Today you are still operating on this program, the autopilot. That’s why you can’t do anything about it.


And no: The solution is not another diet. The solution is not another fitness program – You have tried that before!

The solution is already inside you. In your autopilot, within the program you are running on. You make more than 90% of all your decisions non-consciously. So this weaker self of yours will always drive you to the sweets, will always come up with procrastination.

Unless you understand it and change it – give it an upgrade!

Finally be free and eat self-determined. Finally exercising out of self-motivation to finally lose weight with ease. To embody the person you want to be. To finally live the life you deserve.

I can assure you of this: “You can”, because you have the power within you.


I have been there!

I used to feel the same way.

Until I upgraded my program, my autopilot and out of the blue reached my feel-good-weight without suffering or pain.

I have seen from so many clients of mine that anyone can do it. You too!


-> References (like the ones on my page

And I want to show you how you can do it, too.

How you can finally have great relation with food.
How you can be more fit, more in shape with ease.
How you can be more relaxed.
How you can love yourself a lot more.
How to get rid of inner weaker self.
How to reach your feel-good-weight weight without restricting yourself.


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Jana Reuther LLC offers a novel form of mental health coaching in well-being, self-love, and weight loss. Her approach is different from any talk therapy because it allows addressing the problem where it is anchored, rather than just scratching on the surface. It combines cognitive behavioral techniques, psychology, NLP, and hypnosis. In particular, working with the mind, and thus hypnotherapy offers revolutionary results by accessing the subconscious mind to update the faulty autopilot. Jana Reuther is a certified Hypnotherapist in Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT®) by Marissa Peer. Jana Reuther and her team are on a mission to make you feel comfortable in your own body and take you to your next level.