You feel
stuck and limited
but want that to change?

You want to regain control over your life,
your thinking and feelings, to live with ease, harmony and happiness?

Your pain points

Your problem

What if there is a way out?

I can help with the modern approach of hypnotherapy to access your subconscious, your autopilot, to give it an update - Giving you the thoughts and feelings you want today.

Your way out!

By going behind your analytical mind into your autopilot, which you can access through hypnosis, you will be able to recognize what is holding you back in your subconscious - what currently controls you and leads you to the patterns of behavior and limitations you observe (and hate!).

What is the process like?

About me Jana

But that is the old me.
I am a different version now: Jana 2.0 !

Let me tell you about my wake-up moment!

I have tried so many different approaches in the past to get rid of my mental problems, but what I did was actually always the same. I was trying  to get rid of a symptom – but not the source, the source of the problem. I tried to change the baviour but never the thinking, which is the first step. On average we perceive 5% with our consciousess, which is all about logic, reasoning, will power, discipline and creativity. 95% is however perceived with our subconsciousness, covering attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and habits. So I tried to use 5% of my conscious power to combat 95% of my subconscious autopilot. Obvisoulsy that did not work and the way to go is to get behind the analytical mind, tapping into the subconsciousness, the autopilot to transform it into a version which actually helps me today. It’s like looking at an iceberg. I always just scratched the surface, but never got to the point where the problem was anchored.

What do you mean...?

Everytime something happens, you give that event a certain meaning through the lens of your own perception. The associated meaning becomes a story about the event and leads to a particular mental label. The images you create in your mind, the words you say to yourself, and finally the thoughts that arise from your built-up story, trigger corresponding feelings that are emotionally charged. Depending on how you have labeled your thoughts, e.g. positive or negative, your emotions will be directed towards them. Certain beliefs and behaviors emerge that make up your autopilot; your automated system you operate on every day. So, whereas you cannot delete that autopilot, the meaning which has been imprinted in your brain, but what you can do is to overwrite or reprogram old patterns and beliefs by running an upgrade that suits you today.

You have probably run several updates on your iPhone this year already but when was the last time you gave yourself one, right?!

Are you ready to...

...what are you waiting for?

Your transformation towards your
Next Level Now

What to expect?

How much is your mental health worth to you?


1:1 compact package
390 all-in
  • What's included:
  • You will receive instant help for fast, transformative results, achieving your feel-good weight to become the person you want to be.
  • You will regain your personal power, (re-)building more self-love, self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • You will finally reconnect with yourself, becoming your own best friend.
  • You will be empowered to deal with your emotions better instead of letting them control you and letting cravings and the like get the best of you.
  • You will feel lighter, more energetic and able to focus on what you actually want to in life.

I have helped so many people with exactly the same problem you are currently having. Have a look!


You ain't questions?

This approach is unlike any other approach as it is a combination of cognitive behaviour techniques, psychology, NLP and hypnosis. You will be in a state of deep trance as it enables us to use the power of our subconscious mind to permanently and effectively change deep-seated blockages and negative beliefs. During hypnosis, you are in a comfortable state of relaxation (delta brain waves most likely), where your subconscious mind is on alert, while your conscious mind is guided into deep relaxation. If you are more into science, you can explain everything pretty much with quantum physics and epigenetics.

It’s entirely up to you. You have lifetime access. But yes, there is a BUT: I would recommend that you stick to the order of the modules and work through them as promptly as possible to get the best possible effect. Your brain learns through repetition. So, the sooner you figure out where your weight problem is coming from, and the more often you memorize the new version of yourself you’re claiming, the easier and faster you’ll get the results you want.

You do not have to prepare anything apart from being mentally ready and committed to your change –working together to solve your weight problem forever and feel great in your own skin.


You don’t have to know or think you know where your problem lies. Honestly, even if you would claim to know your problem, I have to disappoint you: If you knew consciously, you would have changed long ago.


Absolutely. Look at small children when they roll up their eyes just before falling asleep. That is exactly the state you’re getting into. You actually go into a hypnotic state every night.

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And just for the record...

I’ve been studying weight, fitness, nutrition, hormones, sleep and the like all my life and also trained as a hypnotherapist, because I wanted to get behind the analytical mind even more.

Also I am a...

And if you are still undecided whether the Next Level Now program is for you - how to fix your problem in less than a month...

...think about what your life will be like without taking that step now? What thoughts will you experience if you don't work on your weight problem? What feelings will you face? Do you really want to continue down this path? What is it worth to you to change it now? Haven't you suffered enough already?

It is in your personal power. You created this problem, so only you can undo it!