You feel stuck?

There is a certain behavior that is bothering you and you simply don't feel great in your own body?

You have tried so many things, but no matter what, you cannot change?

Well, your personality, the program you are running on, has been installed unconsciously at a young age and never really experienced an upgrade again. I have to tell you now, that your operating system is outdated, it is expired - that's why you feel the pain, the limitations, the blockages. At the same time, you are trying to change your autopilot with your conscious mind, which only amounts up to 5% of your identity - the rest is your 95% autopilot.
Mission impossible, and the very reason why change has not happened yet!

If you want to take care of your physical and emotional well-being to feel whole and complete and to look at yourself with self-love and freedom - I can show you how.

Your autopilot dictates you everyday what to do, feel and think. So by giving it an update, you will install new beliefs and behavioural patterns and feelings about yourself and your surrounding - the ones you want to have today - taking yourself to the next level!

Trust me, you will be surprised you will be surprised how effortlessly your life will change for the better, simply by changing your thoughts, your autopilot.

Are you ready to change?

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Who am I ?

I am a mental health coach specializing in psychological and physiological well-being without suffering.

I am on the mission to make you feel comfortable in your own body and to take you to your next level.

I am 100% convinced that everyone can change to the better, there is no limits but an ocean of opportunities - everything is possible with the right mindset, the appropriate operating system.

If you want to wake up every day feeling free happy and complete, unleashing your full potential, join one of my programs and I will show you how to get there.

What's my story?

I've spent my whole life chasing success - busting my ass to get into the best universities and get the degree I needed to advance towards the career of my dreams, fighting my way through the toughest assessment centers and interviews to get a job at a very prestigious company, where I then slaved days and nights for a promotion - going the extra mile, so to speak - to eventually take a leadership position in strategy consulting and later in investment - I even got a PhD. So, all the years, I was always striving for more: more validation, recognition, being worthy, ultimately being good enough. All the years, I have been a perfectionist, high-flyer, over-archiver, stand-up-woman, go-getter.

But where did that lead me???

I was overworked, out of shape, and pretty unhappy with myself and my body. I may have radiated success and joy to the outside, ticked all the boxes to apparently "have it all" but inside, I was misserable. I felt like I was nothing, kinda lost, not loving myself, not enjoying happiness and abundance, and I felt pretty lonely.

In 2018, I got a coach...

Back in the days, when I was quite desperate and internally at my lowest, I decided that I needed a coach, because I realized that no matter what I tried, nothing helped - on the contrary it got worse. So I wanted to fix my relationship situation first, because I was feeling never good enough. Yes, I was working for a top consulting firm, flying business around the world, staying in 5-star hotels, but I was alone, always looking to be good enough. Long story short, the coach didn't end up giving me a boyfriend - surprise surprise, but he did kick-start my journey of self-love, my journey towards whole-body well-being.

The biggest breakthrough and biggest hurdle, happened some time later when decided in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic to quit my corporate job for good, give notice to my apartment and leave Germany - I mean leave for good. Oh and did I mention that I literally let go of almost all my former friends. In South Africa then, I dedicated every single moment to work on myself, to let go of old beliefs, affirmations, behavioural patterns and outdated values, which were actually never mine. I read so many books, watched millions of YouTube videos, listened to tons of podcasts, had various coaches and mentors, joined several programs to become a better version - the person I wanted to be. Most importantly I learned to master my own thoughts and feelings.

This journey – and don’t think it has been easy, it’s been 100% out of my comfort zone most of the time – allows me today to embrace full well-being, to love myself and my body, to run my own business successfully, to enjoy happiness and abundance and most importantly to be able to do and feel anything I want, as I got to know how to control my own mind. I made it to my mission to help others to get on their next level, too – so, I became a hypnotherapist – as everything starts with the mind. 

I took my power back, you can too! 


PS: Very likely, you have created your own problems yourself. But good news: If you have created them, you can undo them too!

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